Black Violet Vintage

Saturday, 16 July 2011
Is it vintage? If so, I love it when it comes to fashion. There are several reasons why: the lines are clean, vintage fashion means reusing and recycling items and the best part comes with the unique style one can have when she avoids department stores with mass produced items.

I also really get into combing thrift and antique stores for special items. It feels like a treasure hunt of sorts and when you find something in excellent condition the moment is exhilarating. That is why I opened my own vintage shop on Etsy in 2009. I closed it when I moved to Knoxville because I didn't want to move the merchandise. 

Now, with my life changing drastically career-wise, I'll have more time to go for my entrepreneurial fix. I have re-opened Black Violet Vintage (named after Violet the cat of course) and would love to share the link with you.

I have had a couple of sales already and plan to offer friends and family discounts for anyone that isn't a stranger. 20% off so do let me know if something sparks your fancy. "Our buyers" source new items twice a month and take requests for specific orders.

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Christine said...

What beautiful finds! I've added your shop to my favorites so I can explore further. I've already seen things I'm interested in trying :)