Don't DIY

Sunday, 24 July 2011
The carport I built by myself does not look like an architectural masterpiece. I still have to put two trim pieces on it. Otherwise, I'd be sure to post a picture here.

Actually, that's a lie. I really don't want to post a picture here because the real version doesn't look like the version in my head.

The poles are up, the support pieces are up, the braces are in place, the middle beams look good but the roof appears shoddy. I guess I really don't like the material I used. The roof is made out of 2x12 feet PVC corregated panels, installed with the proper capped roofing screws. The PVC was perfect for me because it is light enough to lift into place without a helper.

The problem? The end product looks like I jammed a few large boards into the grass and threw up a white tarp to cover them. Classy.

My privacy fence is also a disaster. I salvaged the panels that were destroyed by the tree a few weeks ago by adding 2x4x8 braces for stability. My helper, Eddie came over to assist with hanging the panels and I wasn't maticulous with the level. They are off maybe about a 1/4 of an inch but I shudder everytime I look at them because they appear crooked (to me). I also messed up the pattern and hung the panel with the even-level pickets first. The multi-level picket panels are supposed to go up first. I'm going to have to take them all down again and pay Eddie to help me hang them all again.

Why do I do this all myself? Read: student life doesn't pay.

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Christine said...

Oh boy have we been there, done that! Our last bathroom remodel was supposed to be maybe a week and easy - took 9 weeks, multiple times doing different things, purchase of more than one of an item because we messed up... We should have hired someone initially. Much cheaper in the long run.

Some things are fine DIY- but you have to know your strengths.