Tuesday, 26 July 2011
I was working on two different stories in the newsroom this afternoon. It was close to deadline (4pm) and the fire alarm went off. I was trying to get some facts on a story confirmed and was on the phone. The person on the line said, "What is that?" I said, "The fire alarm is going off," and kept asking questions.

Not one other person in the newsroom made a move to leave. At least 18 people were at their desks and probably eight photogs/editors were in edit bays at that point and no one even asked a question or looked up from what they were doing.

As it continued to sound, I was actually shocked to see our fearless News Director come out of his office to see if anything was going on. Still, no one moved. I ended the call and started laughing to myself. We are all bad a$$es and clearly care more about our deadlines than a fire.

Our ND walked back into our newsroom a minute later and sarcastically said, "Please, don't worry. It's a false alarm. The building is not on fire." Again, no one looked up.

I will miss TV news more than I can explain.

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