It Sprays!

Friday, 8 July 2011
My brother is very talented when it comes to do-it-yourself projects just like my father. They know how to do intermediate plumbing projects so for my birthday, Dannen purchased a gorgeous new faucet for me and installed it. Here's the before picture:

The faucet that I had was fine but the sprayer didn't work and it was pretty bottom-of-the-line. Always hoping to add value to my home for future resale, I loved his idea of upgrading the faucet.

Dannen bought a Peerless faucet that has a head that sprays and will change from a "rain" water stream to a "directional" stream with the touch of a button. First we shut off the water and then unhooked the old faucet.

Dannen knew exactly what he was doing and I watched acting as the assistant. While I'm not sure that I could install a faucet myself, I could come pretty close after his tutorial.

The after picture shows the finished product! I spend most of my time in the kitchen cleaning, looking out the window at the bird feeder and garden, and messing with the cats. This is such a nice gift. Thanks, Dannen!

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