It's My Party and I'll Laugh if I Want to...

Wednesday, 6 July 2011
I seem to have no shame. Again for my 32nd birthday, I threw a party for myself. My birthday happened to fall on a Friday and I knew I would be off work that evening so the ideas started to flow. My backyard is huge and a bit of a source of pride because I cleared the back lot myself. That gave me almost double the space that I had before.

The plan was to bring in a 1/2 keg of Sierra Nevada Summerfest beer, some appetizers and a bonfire later in the evening. It all worked out perfectly! People started showing up around 7ish as scheduled and I slowly became overwhelmed with my special guests (some people I haven't seen in YEARS).

Everyone that showed up was either a friend from Twitter, our wedding, Channel 8 (years ago), Channel 6 (currently), Carson-Newman College or Friends of Literacy. The mix of people was amazing and I wish I could make it known how much I appreciate every person that showed up!

I think people enjoyed the set up and I even put little containers of bug spray out. I tried to keep quiet but of course I had to brag slightly about the shed I built (shown behind my Twitter friend, George). My privacy fence was sort of crushed when the tree went down. We are all so happy that it didn't land on our houses!

Maureen and Sam (they were at our wedding and a large part of our encouragement to take the plunge) were there. They have a gorgeous little boy now who is so handsome and just adorable! I am so blessed that I get to be a part of their lives as they begin a family.

My plan was to get photos will all of my guests but after people started arriving, I began to entertain instead of take pictures. I did get one photo with Chris who is a new board member for Friends of Literacy. Yay for a great charity organization!

We had an amazing evening with many kind words from guests about hospitality and ambiance. I set up my new deck furniture in the yard along with the keg, a table for food and my Bose radio with iPod. My brother Dannen and friend Melissa helped me greet everyone and make sure people were happy with food and drink. I owe the success of the party to them.

Next time I'll certainly have more non-alcoholic beverages for the kids and games for them to play with. I have to start getting into the children mind set!

The evening was amazing. I was so happy to be surrounded by friends and pseudo-family. WATE 6 News reporter Mona's husband is a professional photographer and snapped this picture at the end of the night. It was probably around 11 and lots of people were still there!

We enjoyed ourselves, although when I returned the 1/2 keg, the owner of Bearden Beer Market said, "Denae, I'm disappointed. You barely made a dent in it!" I laughed and muttered, "We must be getting old..."


Christine said...

It looks like a great time! Awesome job on the shed, too. Happy birthday!

Chris F. said...