People are Kind

Monday, 18 July 2011
Thank you to my friends and family who have made me feel this next life endeavor is not in vain. I may be approaching a slight but welcome mid-life crisis. For those of you who may have asked, "Does this mean we have to call you Dr. D'Arcy?," the answer is:  Are you kidding me? We'll all be lucky if I make it through the first semester without crying my eyes out in the fetal position behind the Yacht Club just off of Cumberland. As you know, I rarely cry.

Moral of the story is... I am feeling the weight of change and am intimidated. What does one do when she is intimidated? Naturally, make everyone around her join in the stress through petty arguments, loud pronouncements and general negativity. Please forgive yours truly and know that I am gathering my tiny brain cells to attention for a major attempt at "smart" come fall.

Also, please ask after my goals for this week which include finishing the carport I have begun and rebuilding my privacy fence which was destroyed by the downed tree.


News Mamma said...

You inspire me, and you are not yet old enough to go through a mid life crisis. It is normal to have those feelings when a big change is around the corner, but isn't it exciting beyond measure too! You will tackle this head on just like you do any other challenge in front of you. I am sending good vibrations your way sister.

Jinjajam said...

Denae leave me gobsmacked ( I hate that word,but sometimes it works!!)at your abilitly to turn a problem into a you do I ,I just don't know. Your upcomming new adventure will be a huge feather in your cap, and you deserve plenty feathers! You're smart and beautiful and ever so productive...go for it and enjoy every are a winner and I love you xxxx