Snubbing "Online" Books

Sunday, 10 July 2011
I feel I'm up to speed when it comes to using and investing in new technology. I have an iPhone 4. I know how to use my iPod and always tote my Toshiba laptop around but I'm not the type of person who has to have every new invention. I believe in advancement using the tools we have on the technology front. That said, I am not a fan of the online "reader" such as a Kindle or Nook.


You have lots of books to choose from, at the touch of a button.
If you finish a book, you always have another one to start reading.
Carrying a Kindle around is much easier, because it weighs less.
There's no peer pressure to still read traditional books.
You don't have to carry bookmarks and you rarely lose your place.
No worrying about where to put books that seem to quickly pile up.
No trips to the library or forgetting to turn books back in that are overdue.
Online readers are the way of the future - everyone's using them!


No trips to the library - I love the library. It is quiet, dusty and innocent. Peace can be found among the rows and rows of books that are just waiting to teach us something.
Online reading devices can be expensive.
If you lose a Kindle, you're in for a lot more of a financial setback than if you lose a book.
There's no weight to a book bag containing a Kindle. When I get 8 or 9 books at the library, I feel like I'm carrying out buried treasure, a prize for my commitment to learning.
There's no paper. I just love paper and I love the different choices of fonts. There's an experience and ambiance that comes from noticing the faint scent of paper while reading.
Online readers offer no comfort. Since my husband lives in London, I usually pile my books on our queen-size bed. The cats lay on them and when I turn over in the night the corners and spines of the books touch me and I feel less alone.
Kindles are not conversation starters. Even though I almost always hate the opening line, 'What are you reading?," I don't mind to chat about a good book with someone who is genuinely interested. Perhaps in the future someone will ask "What are you staring at on your handheld computer device?"
I don't think you can read a Kindle in the pool. Maybe they are waterproof but I'm never afraid to take a book close to the ocean, lake or pool while on vacation.
I can't re-gift books from a Kindle. One of my favorite things about my personal library is pulling a book off the shelves that I adore and passing it on to someone else to read.
Also, why buy a Kindle when I have an iPhone 4? There's an app for that.

Okay, I'm ready to be convinced. Do you love your online reader? What am I missing by sticking to the real deal? While admittedly stubborn, I'm certainly open to reason and love a good debate. Books or Kindle? You tell me.


Anonymous said...

I have an iPad and an iPhone and use the Kindle app. I love my online books. I can read wherever I go and don't have to remember to carry the books with me. I often have two or three that I am reading in progress. Many ebooks are cheaper than the paper books (which they should be). There are also a ton of free books out there for e-readers. I do buy a paper book every now and then, but I have definitely made the switch.


LizP said...

I use Kindle technology but don't have the device. I think single purpose devices are a waste of money. I have the app on my phone and my iPad (and all of my desktop computers) and can read the same book anywhere I am "connected". That is one nice feature about Kindle technology that a lot of people don't realise.

But I am also a book lover. I love having my shelves full of books. They make me happy :-)

Denae said...

Hmmm excellent reasons FOR an ereader.. might have to find a nice balance between tradition and technology after all..

Chris F. said...

While I love the technologies that have come out over the past 10 years or so (actually mostly inspired by Tesla's concepts), I am on a budget and thus I don't allow myself to be given into the latest craze just for its own sake. I prefer to read books the old fashioned way. Maybe the new way will come later.

AceJ said...

I use my Kindle mostly for news consumption. I prefer reading a real book! Having said that, I'd LOVE and iPad (but not for reading books).