Squeezing the Clamp

Sunday, 3 July 2011
I am opening my vintage online store again on Etsy.com. (Of course I'll post a link next week.) My mom helped me find a dress form for the photographs of the apparel and I needed clamps to help shape the clothes on the model for photographs. Such as this:

At ACE Hardware I approached a sales associate and said, "Would you please tell me where the clamps are?" He gave me the sideways glance and said, "What kind of clamps?" I said, "Clamps that you can use to clip things." He wasn't going to buy that. "You mean like a hose clamp?" "Um no. You know, you squeeze it and use it as a clip." He led me to an aisle and showed me the kitchen clips used for bags of potato chips. I calmly took one down and went to the cashier thinking that was my only option.

Another sales associate approached me while I was in line and said, "Did you find what you need?" Brightening a bit, I said, "No. I need actual clamps. Such as those that you'd use to clamp a tarp to a board." He said, "Ahh, industrial clamps?" Almost jumping up and down I replied, "Yes, thank you! Medium-size would be perfect." The man brings back two clamps that are perfect and I smile and take one from him and reach for the other one. He said, "Miss. You might want to try to squeeze that before you buy them. They are industrial strength."

Blink, blink.

I easily squeeze the clamp and it opens. I look him in the eye. He laughs and hands me the other one saying, "Well, I was sure you could work it." I just said, "Thank you, sir" and turned around.

What the heck? I kind of feel like I need to wear a sign that says, "I built my own shed, hung my own privacy fence and own a power drill that can take out your knee" when I shop at some hardware stores. Thankfully, the folks at Home Depot never belittle me. I'll be shopping for clamps there soon. ;)

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Christine said...

I HATE encountering attitudes like that! In hardware stores, or with repairmen. Lack of a penis does not equal helpless!