Monday, 26 September 2011
This weekend I spent time with my parents in North Carolina. My family vacations on Bald Head Island and has for years. We usually walk on the beach, sit by the pool, cook, read books, go on "nature drives" in the golf cart and visit the unique shops near the Maritime Market. Something seemed to be missing this year.

Usually during the occasional conversation, I can vie for and win the spot of "Center of Attention." My experiences as a TV reporter are so bizarre that they make interesting and entertaining stories especially if embellished just a bit... This time, my parents must have been slightly disappointed in my lackluster conversation skills. I felt like I had nothing to talk about! No shootings, drug deals gone wrong, tense interviews with politicians, fights in the newsroom or mad, heroic dashes to make deadline in the field with a failing live truck. The best I could muster was a story about how the Central Limit Theorem allows researchers the chance to estimate an outcome for a sample of the entire population without having to draw dozens of different samples. Pretty cool, eh? Um, no, not to the general public.

I also got very lucky with the class that I teach. Students are on time and participate in the lab so there's not much to talk about there, either.

It wasn't just the conversation that was different on this mini-vacay. There was no reading for pleasure. I typically get through at least two books on vacation. This time, I read the first 12 chapters of Statistics for Dummies, dozens of pages of research for a project with Dr. Martinez and a few journal articles for Dr. Bates' class regarding Communication Theory. I also worked on my statistics class problem set and expanded on an abstract/lit review. The thing is - I finished everything I brought to work on but I should have spent more time catching up. I never seem to quite get ahead. And THAT seems to be my basis for all conversation now: the hollow, sinking feeling of an overwhelming information and work load. Forgive me for boring you too.

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AK said...

You never bore me, love. I feel as though I had more interesting things to talk about when I lived in the States. There aren't so many bizarre happenings here, and the news are all about politics. No crazy ladies at Walmart or wild turkeys or crazy drug busts.