No Time

Wednesday, 7 September 2011
A conversation between a first year Phd candidate and a second year Phd candidate. Walking to class... (E is an international student and has become a wonderful friend.)

Denae: I don't even have time to drive to West Town Mall and buy my MAC foundation. I don't use anything else but picked up L'Oreal at Walgreens on campus to get by.

E: How can you even afford MAC makeup now?

Denae: Oh, yeah. Good point. There's that.

Denae: It's not just the makeup. I haven't straight-ironed my hair in weeks. It's all hot rollers and that's IF I'm lucky to have the time to fix my hair at all. I look craptastic.

E: Now you know why doctoral students look the way they do. If you want to bathe, you almost have to take a bath instead of shower so you can hold your book and read with one hand while you shave your legs with the other hand. And that's if you actually still care about shaving your legs.

Denae: (nodding)

E: I'd also recommend going darker with your hair because how are you going to have time to get your head colored every five weeks?

Denae: I guess I could do my readings while I'm processing.

E: Well there's the no money thing again...

Denae: Going back to school was a great decision.

E: I was thinking the same thing.

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