Seasons Change

Tuesday, 20 September 2011
Can you believe it is officially Autumn by the end of this week? While having a cuppa this morning, I looked out the window into my back yard and noticed a few stray leaves drifting down from the big oak. Oh... the dreaded leaves...

I don't mind fall. The cooler temperatures in the morning and evening are pleasant and the sun seems to stay in the sky longer in the afternoons although it drops quickly.

Last year, I built a few fires in the fire pit and I look forward to having friends over to chat in the glow of the flames as the stars come out. Perhaps even my new PhD cohorts? We could use a moment of contemplation and relaxation. The group seems to be gelling nicely and bonds are forming.

Fall break (two days off) is right around the corner and rather than planning an adventure, I hope to catch up on assignments, reading and research. I see now that breaks from teaching and attending class may just be built in so researchers and PhD students can get some work done without distractions.


Annie said...

Love this post. Fall is coming here, too. Seasons change.... and so do lives. We are in a state of constant change.

Cincychili said...

Great post, Denae. Fall is almost here as well. The Bengals are playing again and the Reds are almost done again for the year.

I was kind of spoiled the week before, since I was in Mexico and traveling. When I got back to CVG, I had to get used to the cool weather again. lol