Another Cuppa?

Wednesday, 12 October 2011
I have a dilemma. Be sure to weigh in on this little scenario if you have nothing better to do.

On Monday of this week, I stopped by Panera on campus to get a cup of coffee. I love going to Panera because they have fat free milk as a choice for cream and the hazelnut blend is delicious. Here's the deal:  I purchased a large coffee for $2.17 and left the building to go to the Friends of Literacy office to pick up my assignment for the Hall of Fame Auction event coming up.

Here's where the situation becomes a bit shady. 15 minutes later, I decided to go back to Panera to use the free Wifi and I got another cup of coffee - in the cup I already had! Problem is: I had already left the building once! Did I buy another cup of coffee? No. Later, I did get a large iced tea to go but I took full advantage of coffee refills.

Now, is that wrong? This could be argued either way but I do have a loyalty card and I plan to go back often as a customer but I just didn't feel like spending another two bucks for coffee when I'd already been to Panera once that morning less than an hour before. Thoughts?


Teri's Blog said...

I don't know Panera's rules on coffee refills since I don't drink coffee, but Panera is a yummy place to eat!

Dan said...

In this instance, I think it could be a "spirit of the law" vs "letter of the law." Letter of the law says free refills on same visit only (other places do this, too). Had someone known that you left and then came back, they could have said something and denied you a free refill. Good customer service says, as does the spirit of the law, that you are a regular customer and a good and loyal customer and will return as a loyal customer because they did not make an issue out of coming back in an hour later and getting the free coffee. It also sounds like you don't normally try to bypass the system and are a good customer yourself.

Cincychili said...

Treat yourself, Denae.