Wednesday, 5 October 2011
Sorry to geek out on you but I had to share this:

I've had more time lately to clean the house, organize my life, do laundry and stay on top of school work. This is a good thing. The cats are even happier because I've been around and they have new, special flea/bug medication (costs $40 for both for a month for gosh sake). However, amidst all of this good energy, I freaked myself out.

This morning, I was organizing my desk (which I've now moved into my kitchen) when I couldn't find my brand new box of 24 highlighters or my new, spiffy, blue, gel pens. Seriously, after searching for a few minutes my heart rate started to climb. I worried that I'd misplaced those valuable tools. After putting a few random items away, I located the highlighters and pens in the cabinet in the living room. The strange part? Before I caught myself I actually JUMPED UP AND DOWN and CLAPPED. Who does that? No one in their right mind.

My life has gone from raging anxiety about a looming, seven minute broadcast deadline or keeping an exclusive interview under wraps to being excited about finding missing markers. Awesome.


AK said...

Ha!! I went through the same thing yesterday! I couldn't find my post-its, so I walked 2 miles in the rain to buy new ones only to find the old ones under a stack of books... I then became excited that I now had extra ones! Jeez. Hope you are doing well hon. Love reading about your new life here on your blog. x

Dan said...

Sometimes news people (of which you were one) are put on a pedestal as if they are not human or don't show emotion or have feelings, etc. I appreciate this blog because you show your feelings and emotions and show that you are a real, genuine, person. Glad you found your pens... it's not geeky... it's being real!!