A Few Things

Friday, 28 October 2011
1. I was at Sapphire last night with some girl friends and a guy attempts to chat me up. As we talk he says he's 27 years old and wants to know how old I am (not a viable flirting technique in my book). I respond with my age because I'm not interested anyway and just a few seconds later this exchange goes down:

Guy: Are you wearing real pearls?
Me: .... ?? .... Um, yes. (Earrings)
Guy: Cool! My grandmother wears pearls!!
Me: .... ..... (omg) .... .....
Me: Oh look at the time! Nice meeting you.

Nothing like a good convo with a 20-something to make you feel mature.

2. I was in the library today searching for books and articles for a research project in the Commons. On the computer next to me are two undergraduates dressed in sweatpants. This is what I overhear:

Girl #1: I was reeeeeeeeeally drunk the other day.

(Time lapse 20 seconds)

Girl #2: You WERE reeeeeeally drunk the other day.

(Time lapse 30 seconds)

Girl #1: I was REEEEEALLY drunk the other day.

I looked over to see if they were reading lines to a bad play or something but no, that was their conversation. Shortly after that, girl #1 says that they've done enough work for one day and they pack up and leave. Perhaps their exchanges are more in-depth via text message...

3. I ran into two news crews from Channel 6 today. Steve and a new reporter were in Party City in Fountain City doing a story about how Halloween is a deadly night on the roads (according to AAA). I talked with them for a moment and they left. I actually felt sorry for them because I was having a great Friday with a flexible schedule and didn't have to stand outside in the rain interviewing about Halloween and its deadliness. Crew #2 was on UT's campus. I spotted Ronnie and Hana as they were loading gear and getting into a news car. Ron came over to say hello and had about two seconds to say hi before they had to rush off to the next assignment. Again, this was in the rain and under the circumstances I didn't miss that job for a second. Just sayin.

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Crystal Young said...

Just wait until there is an ice storm and you are curled up next to your cats and warm and get to go to bed at 9 pm because you want to. Yes, then you may never want to go back to television again.