Nashville with the Tudors

Monday, 31 October 2011
My best friend since Carson-Newman College, Casey, was in Nashville this weekend visiting her family and asked me to drive over for a couple of days. It is always a treat to visit the Tudors because they are amazing hosts and constantly make sure everyone has the best food, wine and desserts within reach. Not only that, they have a lovely home complete with every sports and movie channel imaginable and a fabulous outdoor entertaining space which includes a stone fire pit. The locale is just bliss for a struggling PhD student who needs a day out of town every now and then. (Yes, I brought scholarly publications and collected data for research while I was there.)

Casey and I have been in love (platonically of course) for 11 years and every time we get together, we have the best time catching up on our latest life adventures and encouraging each other for the next challenge. She is doing very well for herself and is now living in Raleigh/Durham and working as a clinic director for Duke (she cures cancer). Casey seemed happy and energized and I cannot wait to travel to see her and her new house!

Casey's little sis, Jordon (middle of the picture) is also progressing in her career as a professionally trained actress, singer and dancer. We all went to see her perform in the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Boiler Room Theater. Her parents then took a group of us to Sperry's for dinner to celebrate. Such a fun weekend! 


Annie said...

So glad you got to hang out with friends. You needed it!! Miss and love you. (sorry if this is a duplicate comment, i had trouble signing in!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, be sure and stop by our office next time you're in town. We're right off I-40. Glad you enjoyed the Music City. You do need to take a break from the action sometimes.