New Wheels

Wednesday, 19 October 2011
For just a second today, I felt like I finally had it all together. This didn't happen until about 5pm but alas, it was a good feeling. I have a new (used) car! I'm happy with this one and purchased it with cash which keeps me in line with my anti-debt stance (especially when I have the budget of a grad student). Since my good friend Napier made fun of me over the weekend for being too open about my life (car, house, where I live, that I have cats not dogs... etc.), I've decided not to share the make and model of the car on Blogger. I'm sure you understand. (Happy, Nape?)

Our statistics class was cancelled tonight so I'm in the UT Comm GTA office in the dungeon getting ready to do readings for tomorrow's research class, input my undergrad students' grades and work on my own research.

The temperature in Knoxville dropped 20 degrees today and was 47F by the time I was walking to class. I hated to even leave campus today but it was for a great reason. I was invited to catch up with a former WATE sports colleague over lunch. It was truly a treat to discuss what we miss and do not miss about the media business. He has also taken a job outside of the realm of journalism and loves having weekends off.

Which leads me to an interesting quote I found about journos today. Katherine Lanpher describes a reporter as "...a hard-drinking bohemian who was socially dexterous, traversing the lines of social class with ease, moving in the circles of both the raw and the refined but eking out an existence amid a clash of image and reality." Lanpher was discussing reporters in the early/mid 1900s but I find the definition still sort of works today. What do you think?

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