A Reward

Sunday, 2 October 2011
I left my backpack at Preservation Pub this week. The next morning I waited on pins and needles until the place opened up so I could call and see if my things were there. My statistics homework was in my backpack along with my laptop computer. You know what I was most concerned with? My homework! I had already spent eight hours working on problems and hand calculating confidence intervals and correlations. Luckily, everything was there. if not, my plan was to post reward posters for the stats homework.


Christine said...

So glad you got everything back - what a relief!

overtly trite said...

I took stats as a summer course which meant taht each 4 hour class was the equivalent of a weeks worth of classes. One evening on my way to school I narrowly avoided being in a car wreck and my major concern-not the car or my safety but fear of missing class ;)