Tuesday, 25 October 2011
Wide awake again at 4am is not a good place to be when you have a busy week and way too much on your mind.

I am set to give a pecha-kucha presentation in my research class later today after a stats review session for our midterm on Wednesday and I have a luncheon at the Black Cultural Center for my Shipley-Swann Fellowship program. Tonight I'm also supposed to go to traffic court for a citation. (If you attend court you can sometimes be put on probation rather than get points if you haven't had other tickets.)

I'll somehow get through this week (as will you) and then I have a fun weekend to look forward to (it's what's keeping me sane). There are two Halloween parties to attend Friday night (which I still need a costume for) and then I'm headed to Nashville to spend time with my best friend Casey, her boyfriend and her family. I'm looking forward to time out of town and exciting nights in the big(ger) city.

Meantime, I'm honestly doing positive-vibe mental concentration regarding my upcoming statistics test. I'm meditating on wisdom, knowledge and a lack of anxiety. I've pictured knowing the answers to the questions and having a general feeling of confidence. My lofty goal is a B. I'll be over the moon with anything above an 80 (and that's considered a poor grade in the PhD program).

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