Monday, 10 October 2011
I know I've blogged about my love for car shopping previously (read: sarcasm). It is time for round two in less than a year. A nice guy that works on cars bought my Jeep over the weekend and I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful friend that has lent me one of his cars for the week. However, the thought looms:  Must. Get. Car. Soon.

Why do I hate car shopping? There are many aspects that contribute to my disdain of the process. Even if I had an unlimited budget, I would still feel apprehensive about the purchase. I've almost completely signed off dealerships due to the taxes, additional fees, dogged bargaining and false energy from salesmen.

Online car shopping is tops in my book. You can find certainly find good deals on Craigslist by buying from an owner but it takes forever and there's no guarantee on the "lemon" aspect of vehicles. I'm into paying cash for my rides because I'm on a student budget and I really don't like to carry debt (my pricey international education which will take forever to pay off is holding that place right now...). Cash buying makes it a bit easier to negotiate a sales price since most people see a few thousand in green and get weak in the knees.

The search is on and I'm setting a goal for myself to have a car by this time next week. Fingers crossed for the best deal and a decent set of wheels. 

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Anonymous said...

Alas, I am headed for another bout with car shopping two with a youngster nearing 16 and one of our cars nearing death. Thank goodness my 76-year-old Dad has volunteered to help me.