Another Week

Friday, 4 November 2011
Highs and lows again this week. I didn't get the grade I was hoping for on my stats midterm but I can certainly kick in more, more, more study time. It's all about perserverance and endurance. Time to carb load and put my head down, going uphill.

Moving on to good news... One of the professors that I research for asked me to co-author a scholarly paper! Excellent news and certainly an honor. The project is going to take up quite a bit of time but at least the month of December will be mostly free.

I did submit an abstract (research proposal of sorts) to the Young Scholars Conference, held at the Missouri School of Journalism in February. You've heard the "Publish or Perish" mantra so even first-year doc students are encouraged to be involved and get work out there. I should find out if I'm invited to present or submit a full paper by December 1.

The other element on the burner is a Fellowship at the Walter Cronkite media school. 12 teachers will be invited to learn from business news journos the best methods on coaching students to cover important buisness stories. This is very competitive but hey, if you don't try, there's zero chance of getting in.  

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Tina L. Hook said...

So much change going on in your life. It has been fun following you on this new journey.

PS I would love to interview you on my blog. I have a new interview series about women passing through new beginnings in their lives. You can see a sample interview on my blog now.