Saturday, 12 November 2011
For hours today, I crunched through the leaves the trees in the back have dropped. I even winterized by bringing in all of the cushions on the chairs, the umbrella and the hibiscus and palm tree. Actually, I couldn't manage the palm by myself so I'll wait until I have time to purchase the round little rolly thingy that goes underneath a potted plant to bring it inside.

My small triumph, however, had to do with a fallen tree. Last summer I spent hours and hours and days clearing the back lot. I was always wary of one of the trees that appeared to be dead. It was overcome with vines. At the time I even consulted a tree specialist. The worry was that it would fall toward the house but I didn't have the big bucks to have it taken down.

Lucky for me, during last night's fierce winds, it fell nicely toward the left. I just need a chainsaw now. My electric, heavy Black and Decker model has crapped out. I'm great at bartering...

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