Tuesday, 22 November 2011
People on Twitter and Facebook have been sharing what they're thankful for all week so I wanted to share as well. Give me some love through comments and share what you're grateful for if you feel so inclined.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to earn my PhD without having to take out loans at the University of Tennessee. It is an honor to learn from so many smart and skilled researchers and work along side some of the top notch professors in the media business. Because of the generosity of some and hard work of others, I'm able to pursue my dream.

My friends in Knoxville and nearby are my family when I cannot be near my parents and brother. They ask me questions about the changes I'm experiencing in life, encourage me when the day seems too long and lean on me when they need a shoulder as well. There is nothing like a genuine friend that is trustworthy and compassionate. Thank you to my friends, new and old, who are there for me. You know who you are and I love you.

What would I do without my mom, dad and brother and close family? I had a talk with them the last time we were together and asked them to please take care of themselves because I can't live without them. I cherish the time we spend together and most of all I appreciate the support they give to me emotionally, physically and at times monetarily. Thank you to them always and from the bottom of my heart for believing the best in me and loving me despite my faults. 

I'm thankful for experiences this year that included good food, intimate connections, emotional warmth, knowledge through travel and a chance to exercise skills and intelligence. 

It's cheesy but I'm super lucky to have two healthy cats. Lily and Violet make me happy. They are loving, funny and come with their own personalities. This year has been difficult and they were always there purring and helping me remember that tomorrow will be better. 

The other aspects of life that I'm grateful for include personal perseverance, endurance and a desire to achieve more. Not everyone has a background that instills ambition and I know that I am lucky to grow up with resources that others do not have access to. I plan to make the best of it as often as possible.  


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a nice holiday weekend with your family.

Chinaemerem Prisliv Obiegbu said...

congrats on your Phd..looking to do same next year. any tips..