Toss it Back

Thursday, 17 November 2011
Things are looking up. Thanksgiving (I'll actually get to be with family on the day) is next week and I cannot wait to be in my parents' home, eating fabulous food and lazying around, watching HGTV and working on research. We have a great time together and of course I'll get to hang with my little bro bro (he's not little, just younger).

Dannen is fun to be around and has quite a bit of energy. Hopefully sis can keep up. I'm looking forward to talking with him as he is always great in a heart-to-heart conversation. I can imagine he humors me because I don't rely on him too heavily for emotional support. Although if I needed to, he'd be there.

I've completed my rough draft for the methodology section of my research proposal. It was due today and I'm confident that at least all of the pieces are there. Our professor, Dr. Wang is patient and enthusiastic. She gives excellent feedback and I look forward to revising for our final draft due at exam time (we only have three weeks left in the semester)!

This week has not been easy. In fact, I've had some pretty low moments for various reasons. I received some interesting advice from a cohort regarding a research project that I decided to apply to my professional and personal life.

Let's say there is a well-cited theory that supports your hypothesis but isn't easy to fit into a measurement or framework. Rather than striving three times as hard to study literature and force the theory conceptually, it is okay to start over and adopt a new theory or even a new topic which coincides with the initial theory. The fear is there that the next theory won't fit or a new topic will be just as difficult to frame but surprise! The more you trust yourself as a researcher, the easier the process becomes. I started over four weeks ago on my research proposal for 610. It was difficult to get back to ground zero and took quite a bit more work but now I'm confident and passionate about my research proposal. My new topic also supports future research and is not as frustrating to pursue.

What's the point of the rambling? I'm not exactly sure but it approaches the idea of:  the shoe that doesn't fit. Even if it is the style you prefer, don't be afraid to let the blisters go and shop for a new pair. Life is too short to paste on a smile and limp through the pain.

I've been wanting to blog about the Penn State alleged abuse case but wow I only have time recently to spew something quick about the PhD gig. What's new with you?

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