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Monday, 7 November 2011
In my spare time (hahahahahahahaaaahahahahaha) I'm trying to get through the book, "Mentor: A Memoir" by Tom Grimes. My friend Hillary passed this along to me because she knows about my dream to be a non-fiction book writer (travel, memoirs, media topics).

If you have any interest in writing or you just enjoy a good human interest story, pick up this read. It was named best non-fiction book of 2010 by The Washington Post.

Tom meets his mentor Frank and they embark on a colleague/friend relationship that eventually leads to Tom finding his literary voice and getting published. Frank encourages Tom on the peripherals of his writing routine and Tom has such respect for Frank and his writing ability that he remains committed to finishing his novel. The most encouraging part of Tom's story is his background. He worked as a waiter for years and had book after book rejected by agents and editors. His perseverance paid off and after working with Frank, publishing houses wanted to buy his books.

The take-away from the read so far for me is commitment to the mundane task of sitting down to write on a schedule. Tom writes every day from 8 to 11:30am and then heads to the university to teach. While I can't set a writing goal that high right now (what with the PhD studies and all...), I am setting a goal of writing for an hour four days a week. That'll add up to approximately 16 hours of writing a month. I should be putting in double or triple the amount of writing but while I'm going to school full-time, teaching and researching for two professors, writing papers for conferences and conducting research studies this is going to have to do. Plus, it's better for me to start out with a manageable goal and ramp it up from there.

Other developments: I'm getting back into piano because it is included in my tuition waiver at UT. Yay! Also included in our activity fees is access to the on-campus gym and group classes. It is time to get back into athlete-shape. Maybe I'll try out for the UT cheer squad. (Hahahhahahahah - I'm cracking myself up today.)

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AK said...

Glad you're getting (at least) some time to read and play the piano! I wish I had more time to read books also, my stack is getting pretty big! Hopefully I can spend the entire Christmas holiday sinking into the world of both fiction and non-fiction, although I also prefer the letter. Thanks for the tip. Will make sure to check it out! :)