The 25th of December

Wednesday, 28 December 2011
In the D'Arcy house, we like to eat, drink and be merry.

Mom puts up a tree in the front room and the den and even stuffs stockings for Dannen and I. What are we going to do in a couple of years when we have children and no longer get babied? Throw a fit perhaps...

We have a tradition of Monkey Bread and mimosas on Christmas morning. The breakfast cake is a mixture of biscuits with a gorgeous cinnamon, brown sugar, butter and sugar topping. It comes out of the oven golden brown, piping hot and melts on the tongue. Add eggs, bacon, a glass of good champagne with orange juice and you have a party.

Once we prepped all of our dishes: corn pudding, sausage homemade stuffing, spiral Rosemary-infused ham with a citrus/port wine sauce, fresh green beans and new potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce, relish, fluffy rolls and dessert, mom and I put together our traditional flower arrangement for the center of the table. We used two dozen red roses, white hydrangeas, cedar clippings, rose hips, small pears and crystalized branches.  

We found a lovely new flower shop, Ober's in Easton Town Centre. The owner helped us pick out a few blooms and we enjoyed planning and preparing for the arrangement. 

After cooking, opening gifts and watching the cats go crazy over wrapping paper and ribbons, we sat down to dinner. Our dishes turned out well and the sweets were a hit too! Mom dug out our family recipes to bake date walnut cookies, pumpkin pie, pecan tassies and fudge.

I hope you have had a lovely holiday season thus far. 


LizP said...

Wow, your mom's tree is gorgous! Obviously not decorated by my 6 and 3 year olds! It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas!

~C~ said...

Everything is beautiful...and you are making me hungry! Much better than your studying post. :)