Academic Pet Peeves

Saturday, 10 December 2011
I've decided to blog about whatever the heck I want to blog about from today until January 10th. I know I should probably pontificate on the research I'm preparing for my contributions to the academic review and supplication of journalism but I just don't have the will today.

Instead, I'd like to write about a few academic pet peeves. I feel that now, since I'm at least into my second semester, it isn't too soon to break out the complaining. Here's a previous Pet Peeves post.

Top 5 PhD first-year pet peeves:

5. The saying, "Grades don't matter in a PhD program." Lies.
4. Institutional Review Board forms (must be filed and approved before beginning any research methods)
3. No sunlight or cellular service in our pod offices (in the basement of Comm building)
2. Uninformed debates over qualitative versus quantitative research
1. My cohort still hasn't found a decent Wednesday night happy hour location. We have Monday and Tuesday covered.

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