Moving On

Friday, 9 December 2011

It. Is. Over. My work in our 660 statistics class is complete!

I still really don't know how to use SPSS (statistic software that most academic researchers use) but I understand the underlying concepts of statistics pretty well. I believe that was the goal of the class and I feel confident that my cohort gets it... well, at least the basics.

I'll need to sign up for software tutoring before I can really know what my survey data means, however. We know how to input data but then really - how to properly use software to output needed information is beyond me. Yes, that's a little disappointing after four months and hours and hours of homework and studying but I survived!

Time to move forward. I'm just thankful that I'll have more time to conduct and write up research next semester. Some of us literally spent 12-18 hours on each homework assignment for statistics and every assignment was worth... wait for it... 10 points.

Now we're drifting into a month of "vacation." Doc students don't really get vacation. The down time is to be used to get work done. I have two major research projects due by next Weds (nothing to do with grades) and I need to get a pilot survey out for the paper I'm finishing for a conference in February.

On top of that, I need to finish final grading for the class I teach and get my reading list ready for December. My 615 research class for the Spring semester already has six book assignments that need to be read by February. Sweet!


Cincychili said...

I remeber using SPSS for a huge marketing research project for a sports marketing client. Good and stressful time. I feel your pain.

Do you have the program on your laptop or is it only available on campus?

Annie said...

Love your hoodie!! <3

Teri's Blog said...

I was taught SAS, so SPSS is easier. I know we all complain, but I love being in school!