Decisions, Decisions

Friday, 3 February 2012
Word to the wise: If you are planning to go for a PhD, maybe just thinking about pursuing one, narrow down your research interests TODAY. 

Our profs are teaching us to use every class assignment to get one step closer to nailing down dissertation details. I really like that idea but I CANNOT decide what to do with myself and the next 30+ years of my life. 

I actually wake up thinking about research ideas and go to sleep considering different areas of journalism and electronic media. The thing is, you want to be known as an "expert" in your field of study so you'll certainly be stuck with your area for years and years to come. Scholars need to constantly search for knowledge in their field and report the findings. That's our job. This isn't to say someone can't conduct research outside a certain realm but people just don't deviate much. 

We are supposed to be passionate about our field and area of research and desire to constantly gather more information. Plus, once you select an area of research, you still need to decide which paradigms you subscribe to and methods of research you prefer. 

Yes, I have ideas on what I'd like to focus on for the rest of my life but my head is spinning a little bit with the idea of committing to one area and a topic for dissertation already. I need to get on it, though. It's almost like the question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I feel like I'm eight years old (in the world of scholarly study) and if I make a decision now, it'll be immature and uniformed. Maybe I can buy a few more weeks of childhood...

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Lee Elder said...

I am sure you will make the right decision. I know it won't be easy because you have so many interests and talents, but you will find your place soon.