The Hellish Part

Tuesday, 13 March 2012
I need to vent to someone, so I'm thankful you're here. From reading past posts on my blog, I realize that I go through cycles. Live is hard, I'm overwhelmed, life is good, I'm caught up and loving my new adventure... and then... then roller coaster heads back down again...

This week, oh my goodness. Will I EVER get it all done - and will I perform my duties well enough that those who are counting on me will be pleased?

Disclaimer: By NO means do I think my life is any more difficult than yours or anyone else's. I realize that everyone has intense demands, hectic schedules and stressors that can be overwhelming. However, since I keep up a blog, I can occasionally use it to whine. My apologies to you and my gratification for reading. (Plus, any suggestions or advice you have is welcome.)

Not only do I have a full class load with assignments that include writing essays such as "Philosophy of Research Statement," conducting and transcribing a half dozen long interviews and non-participant observation, I also teach 20 students twice a week, have their assignments to grade and keep up with, personal research projects that require an immense amount of attention to detail and two different research studies for professors I'm assigned to with major papers due April 1st. Stupidly, I also agreed to take on an important and monumental project for Graduate Student Senate (I'm a PhD rep) where I've researched and written recommendations for a campus-wide Graduate Student Leave Policy. This is important for graduate students who might be having a baby (Hey, some of us are in our 30s!), suffered a severe injury or dealing with a chronic illness. A leave policy would help protect the student from getting kicked out and we're recommending they can at least have six weeks (unpaid) off to deal with whatever it is.

I went to a research meeting today and didn't act excited or on my game. I expressed concern about the work load. Not cool. Now, I feel horribly guilty and down. So, my to-do list feels even longer than it is. I want to jot it down in this space so later, when life is REALLY hard (professor trying to get tenure), I can remember how easy I had it...

TO-DO by April 1st:

Read 100 pages of academic articles (by Thursday)
Research and update law case citations in paper for AEJMC
Write PhD program plan (this is probably my most daunting task)
Write up recent observation study into a research paper
Conduct three long interviews for a different research study
Transcribe (type every word of) 10, 30 minute interviews
Watch for and document emerging themes from interviews
Start to write paper using interviews, needing a literature review...
Meet with research group to divide work
Write group qualitative study rough draft
Edit and review "notes" for a different AEJMC paper
Complete academic book review for class and submit
Date (???? hahahaha)
Keep up with friends so they don't give up and leave me for being seemingly self-absorbed
Research and write up privacy doctrine for AEJMC paper
Find someone to watch my cats for next week
Design advanced news writing assignments for students
Grade assignments
Shower ;)


Christine said...

Oh wow. I do not envy you at all! You can do it, though :) Listen carefully and you'll hear your cheering section rooting for you!

Denae said...

Christine, you're amazing. Thank you for your support. xo

Cincychili said...

Denae, You can make it through this. I believe in you.

LizP said...

Just shower every other day, you'll save at least 90 minutes a week! ;-)

You can do it!

Denae said...

Liz - Maybe I can just make a run by my rain barrel on my way to class instead? Easy! ;)