Spring Break on Bald Head Island

Wednesday, 21 March 2012
Mom and dad go to Bald Head Island, NC several times a year to enjoy a little peace and quiet. I get to go with them sometimes and since I have "Spring Break" this year, they invited me to go along. 

They were also incredibly generous and allowed me to invite some of my best girl friends this time. Megan came over on Monday for a night and we enjoyed touring the island and showing her some of our favorite spots, including the boutique shop, Room Service (I can't find a website for the store or I'd link it). 

Megan had to go back to work but Hillary and Melissa arrived on the ferry late yesterday. I am so happy they are here. We celebrated their arrival with champagne on ice and great Havarti dill cheese and gouda. 

Around dusk, we like to take a nature drive in the golf cart to see if we can find deer, fox or anything like that. We did see a red fox trotting along the lagoon on the golf course but it was too far away to get a good picture. 

Surprisingly, I am getting a decent amount of school work done. I completed a literature review for my in-depth interview study and I'm half-way through transcription. Hope you are having a good week. The weather here has been wonderful.

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LizP said...

Your weather is much nicer! We got 8 inches of snow yesterday ... and it's MARCH!!!