Back to Reality

Monday, 26 March 2012

This was certainly one of the better jaunts to Bald Head Island. The weather was truly gorgeous (75 and sunny most days) and the company was fun. Hillary and Melissa wanted to climb the light house so we stopped by there one day to take a few photos and plan the ascent. 

Everything was in bloom and beyond these lovely, delicate pink flowers, the island was alive with fuchsia azalea and little purple blooms on rosemary. Signs of spring were every where.

I think mom and dad had a nice time too. Dad played 27 holes of golf each day and in the evenings before dinner, he'd venture back out onto the 6th hole to practice again. He's obsessed but again, the weather was perfect for it. Mom hung out with the girls and we enjoyed lounging on the beach, shopping, looking at houses on the island and eating. :)

Today's 660 assignment is in on time and class wasn't bad at all. Getting back to reality, however, is a wee bit painful. 

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Christine said...

1. Now I want to visit a lighthouse.
2. Beautiful flowers!
3. You definitely look like your mom.

I'm glad you had a great vacation!