Ella in Columbus

Saturday, 14 April 2012
My mom can be very up on new spots in Columbus. She did a bit of research and read about Ella, a new restaurant in New Albany. The place is especially interesting because it was opened in conjunction with the Hayley Gallery

While you wait for your table, you take your glass into the gallery and peruse work from local artisans.

Even on a Saturday evening, our table was ready on time and we started with the charcuterie (local cheeses, cured meats, house marinated olives, crostini). Service was impeccable and our server knew her wine well and made excellent selections for the table. 

Mom and I shared the Ella Beet Salad and we agreed that the golden variety was smokey and delicious... tasting like the earth. (Don't you just love that about beets?) From the menu: Red and gold beets, arugula tossed in lemon thyme vinaigrette, fennel, goat cheese, candied walnuts and apple ribbons. This is enough for a meal in itself. Gorgeous taste combination!

Dannen ordered the wedge salad and enjoyed every bite. For our main dish, mom and I decided on the Minted Lemon Grilled Lamb Chop. (Dad ordered the Porterhouse and I think Dannen had the Sirloin.) It was perfectly prepared if not a bit on the rare side (that's how I prefer it). 

Isn't that beautifully presented? From the menu: 8oz chop, sauté of local kale, early tomatoes, white beans, curried cucumber yogurt. In the US, lamb isn't as popular as it is in the UK. I find that chefs aren't always sure what to do with it and it comes out a bit tasteless. This was an exception to that rule! I can't wait to go back and order this dish again.

Before leaving we learned why the restaurant carries the name of Ella. It's an acronym for "Eat Local. Love Art." We did love our experience. Even the lighting is sophisticated and while the place is very busy, the atmosphere was chill.

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