Fenced In

Monday, 7 May 2012
You may remember reading about the privacy fence I erected myself last year. I was so proud of transporting the panels, buying a high-powered drill, working with a level, putting in posts... and using girl power (Whitney and Hillary) to get the job done. (Hey, when you're a student you can't necessarily pay the $1,500 to have the guys at Lowe's do it.) It looked pretty good.

Then, we had major flooding and huge pieces of old trees floated down the hill and crashed into the fence. It was still standing but looked a bit worse-for wear. To add to the troubles, months later a ginormous tree from my neighbor's yard fell on it and smashed the panels.

Surprisingly, the posts were still standing. I rebuilt what I had left and hung the panels again. It looked terrible.

Well, this weekend, I was lucky enough to have my father in town to rebuild the fence. Before he arrived, I took down the old panels myself and sold them on Craigslist. It was hard work but doable. He squared up the posts, added cross bars and drilled in pickets one by one. It looks truly amazing and I'm so thankful for his hard work. I had a vision and he made it happen. How awesome is that? Thanks, Daddio! I'm so pleased.

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