First Year Completed

Sunday, 13 May 2012

My cohort is required to take a few classes the first year and one of them was 615, Qualitative methods. We all met to celebrate and turn in our final papers. I'll miss working with our professors next semester. While they never treated us like we were idiots (that was nice of them), they certainly challenged our thoughts and perceptions and helped us grow into more knowledgeable people. 

Dr. Palenchar, Iona, Rebecca and Rick

I've been reflecting on my first year and thought I'd blog a few of the things learned so I can look back at this after next year. Every moment hasn't been easy but I can confidently say I did the right thing by giving up my job in the industry and pursuing more knowledge in the field. Here's some of the takeaway from year one: 

The more I learn, the more I realize I don't know. 

I am smart. 

My cohort has what it takes to get our PhDs. 

It is okay to ask for guidance and help.

I need to learn more about statistics, starting at an intermediate, practical level.

Surprisingly, I am thinking about being a quantitative researcher because I like testing and measuring variables rather than uncover the meaning and reasons behind human behavior. Mixed methods is preferable to me but we're encouraged to become more knowledgeable about one epistemology (branch of philosophy). 

Katie and I

This summer will be busy with teaching, an independent study, class and two encyclopedia entries that I've been commissioned to write for the field. On top of that, I'm conducting research on two quantitative studies and I'm excited to uncover the results. Thanks for reading this year and for your support. 

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Lee Elder said...

No summer off for you. I figured you would be laying on an exotic beach by now.