Village Valuables

Saturday, 19 May 2012
My dream has always been to live in the German Village in Columbus. My mom used to work for a law firm in the area when I was younger and I remember meeting her at Katzinger's amazing deli and sharing fat, delicious Kosher pickles and amazing corned beef on rye.

Brewmasters (German immigrants) lived in the German Village back in the day, building interesting brick dwellings and today, the neighborhood oozes with historical architecture.

From Wikipedia: In 2011, German Village was named as one of America's Great Places in the category of neighborhoods by the American Planning Association. Their description of this great neighborhood includes but not limited to, "Unpretentious, renovated houses and cottages stand shoulder to shoulder. Small, meticulously maintained front yards front tree-lined streets with brick sidewalks and cultivated village planters. Small businesses and storefronts with eye-catching displays and the aroma of culinary delights draw in passing pedestrians. German Village has remained true to its mid-19th century history, architecture, and character despite periods of disinvestment, decline, and near ruin."

Today, I had a wonderful excuse to walk around and take in the brick roads and impressive bricked courtyards that most houses have. Each year village residents host "Village Valuables" and set up on the sidewalks and streets to hock antiques and other household items.

The weather was perfect for it and I enjoyed strolling, watching residents interact and dreaming about living there. Someone was selling this mannequin and the post its (placed strategically) read, $40, "firm." Ha!

I ended up with an odd assortment of a chef's knife set for my parents (never used), an antique, crystal wine chiller, a meat thermometer (?), leather sandals, and a red and white homemade hair flower by a very crafty woman and her granddaughter. 

When you go to the German Village, you just cannot miss stopping in Lindy's. It is one of my favorite places to eat in Columbus (the location is fabulous, service impeccable and food delicious). I ate brunch at the bar while reading three academic research articles. The Croque Madame has amazing flavor combination: ham, gruyere cheese, fried egg on brioche, hollandaise and fresh fruit. No, the dish is not in line with my diet but the day was wonderful! 

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