Fourth of July

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fourth of July was one HOT day in Knoxville. The fountains were going on Gay Street and we met with friends downtown to have a beverage to cool off before the fireworks. 

Katie, Hillary, me, Sheena

Speaking of fire, a Knoxville City fire crew rolled down the street in front of Sapphire (where we were hanging out on the patio) and my friend Sheena jumped up to tell them we liked their truck. Ha! So, they pulled over and we took pictures with the firefighters. The best part was when parents started coming over with wide-eyed kiddos. They loved it.

Knoxville hosts a fireworks show over Labor Day weekend called Boomsday that's supposed to be the "largest fireworks show in the nation" but they still put on a bit of a display for the 4th. People were packed into downtown Knoxville and Market Square. We walked over to Preservation Pub and listened to live music in the Speakeasy and talked with more friends. 

The fireworks went off around 9:30pm and we dilly-dallied around trying to decide on the best view so we missed the first blasts but we didn't have to go all the way to the river to watch. 

We stopped at the historic James Park House (circa 1812) and sat in the yard on the hill. It was a great spot and the view was beautiful.

Melissa, Hillary and I even commented on how interesting parts of downtown Knoxville are. The architecture in places dates to the 1800s (relatively young, I know) and of course the Tennessee River flowing through the city adds a vibrant energy to the area. We enjoyed celebrating the birth of our nation. Hope you did too.

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