"Still 29" Birthday Bash

Monday, 2 July 2012
I'm just vain enough to throw my own birthday party. This is the third year I've hosted a keg party for friends and family.

Last year, we returned the keg and Chris from the Bearden Beer Market shook his head and said I was weak because it was still almost full. This year, we triumphed and floated the keg. I chose Blue Moon because it is my favorite of course and even though it was record heat on Saturday, we kept it ice cold - using six, 16 lb. bags of ice.

I'm an amateur foodie so I love cooking (especially with fresh herbs) and eating. I tried a couple of inventive finger foods that work in hot weather and it went okay. First, we had cherry tomatoes, mozz cheese, fresh basil and balsamic vinaigrette drizzle (bottom left corner). 

I also made pimento cheese sandwiches with oregano and garlic chives. Cucumbers are in season and lovely this time of year so I made little cuke sammies with fresh mint and a mayo/sour cream spread. People seemed to really like them.

I made pretzel necklaces for kids (big and little), popcorn, black grape skewers...

I also rolled up smoked turkey, added green olives and fresh Rosemary. The dressing was homemade and super easy: t horseradish, T fat free mayo, T yellow mustard with Rosemary.

Melissa and Trish brought amazingly sweet watermelon and a great black-eyed pea dip. Even though there were tons of people, we somehow kept everyone fed and they certainly had enough to drink. Ha! People bring their children as well and they played with water guns, bubbles, jump ropes and corn hole!

I so wish I would've taken more pictures of individual guests because I love to remember who attended. At least we were able to grab a shot of some of the ladies before it got too dark.

Literally three people passed out (guest bedroom, sofas) before all of the guests left. That was pretty surprising to me but I got a kick out of it. We certainly did party like I'm still in my 20s. Too bad this year is 33 but I have a feeling it will be a good one.

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Lee Elder said...

Congratulations! Looks like you marked your birthday in style.