Arriving in Montreal

Thursday, 23 August 2012
Summer is QUITE cool as a PhD graduate student. I'm not saying you don't have to be a bit hard core and get a modicum of work finished almost every single day (weekends included) but the fly aspect is that you can do said work almost anywhere, especially if you have access to WIFI. My life is nearly complete with access to WIFI (and good food). I need little else to be happy.

All of the above said, I was able to travel to Canada before class started back with James. We spent time in Toronto as you can see from previous posts but one of the highlights was our business class train ride from Toronto to Montreal. Seriously, I adore train travel. Here's a quick rundown of some of the benefits as compared to air travel:

1. No security lines
2. No strange liquid restrictions
3. You still feel like a human rather than an animal when you make it to your seat
4. Smaller crowds
5. FREE WiFi
6. Friendly staff
7. Nice beverage and food service
8. The ability to get up and walk around whenever needed
9. Not as much of a threat of death (takeoff and landing)
10. Extremely rare late departures or arrivals

I could go on for hours but see for yourself. Does this look like two happy passengers (below)?

We weren't stressed, we were able to complete work, have lunch, make plans and take a nap before arriving with little to no disruptions in Montreal. Celebrate train travel! When we arrived in Montreal, the weather was nice and we dumped our things at our fabulous hotel and walked less than a block to Notre Dame.

I didn't have my phone charged (great move, right?) so I didn't get many photos inside but James snapped quite a few. While we were sitting in the pews gazing at the magnificent altar, someone started playing the pipe organ. The sound, lighting, reverent crowd and architecture made for an awe-inspiring afternoon.

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