Class is Back in Session

Saturday, 25 August 2012
My Ethnography class with Dr. Gregory Button is no joke. We read an entire book for each class (meets once a week) and we have to submit three pages of single-spaced notes before class for each book. This may sound like nada to you but the sentences of the books are like this: "In turning to oral historical interviewing, the same basic methodological schizophrenia is encountered" (Briggs, 1986).

As discouraging as this amount of work may seem to some students, I am over the moon. I didn't realize it until our first class but Dr. Button is the man who is FAMOUS (my word) for his research on crisis situations such as hurricanes and other disasters. He is a former journo - working in public radio and TV. Get this, I actually interviewed the man twice as a WATE-TV reporter after the BP Gulf oil spill. He is brilliant and I am fortunate enough to LEARN FROM HIM!! In fact, besides one of my best friends, Dr. Hillary Lake (reporter and anchor for WBIR, Knoxville), Dr. Button is one of the main influences of my decision to apply for the PhD program at UTK.

I'm clearly happy to be taking his class. However, he planted a seed in my mind for a dissertation topic that is different from what I thought I would do. In fact, I've designed all of my research studies thus far around the phenomenon of social media and its impact on broadcast journalism. I think I've found a topic that interests me even more but I don't want to give it away yet. I need to consult the literature as real scholars would say to see if there is a gap in information.

Meantime, I need to get back to reading about Ethnographic methods. 

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