Thursday, 30 August 2012
Maybe I should start acting a little meaner as a teacher.

On the first night of class when we were talking about our next meeting, I gave the kiddos options for the time and assignment. (Perhaps that was a mistake but we're all grown ups.) The majority voted for choice B and so I verified that would be the plan. Some kids sort of cheered but one guy in the back laughed and yelled, "Screw you!" It took me a second to realize he was saying it to me.

My blood pressure went from 20 to 80 mph in two seconds. I walked from behind the podium with I'm sure eyes of rage but a smile and said, "Watch it, Mr. Doe. That's over the top and you know it."

He was shocked. He wasn't shocked at my reaction - but I think he couldn't believe what he just shouted out in class. Because of that, I backed off but what I really wanted to say was, "Dear, sir, not even in your dreams."

Welcome back to school.

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CHERYL said...

Welcome to teaching in a culture where Congressmen yell, "Liar!" at a United States President.