A Canine

Thursday, 6 September 2012
I love animals. Why I didn't enroll in Vet school out of undergrad, I'll never know. I have two cats but I'd really like to have a dog. And chickens. And a goat. And a horse. And a mini pig. And a parrot... I could go on... Problem is, I enjoy dashing around the country when I get a chance (for research) and it isn't fair to animals (especially those that need a lot of attention) for their caretakers to be gone all of the time. Violet and Lily seem to like it when Mommy is away for a weekend because they can systematically and methodically sleep on every surface in the house, depositing cat hair for me to clean up as punishment. 

However, I now have a new reason to adopt a canine. My sweet next door neighbor messaged me to say there had been a day-time break-in at a house in our tight knit neighborhood. Although it isn't next to where we live, we are concerned. 

Currently, this fierce beast protects my homestead: 

You see the problem.

When I was in North Carolina recently, I fell in love with Casey and Ryan's dogs. They have four: Bella, Prince, Layla and Luca. Luca is a ginormous 140 pound lab/German Shepard mix. I wish I would have snapped a picture of him! He is sweet but his bark is very scary. Bonus!

Bella is such a doll. She is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Casey adopted her along with her boyfriend, Prince from a neighbor who could no longer care for them. She is a Ruby with a sweet disposition but she is also not afraid to bark!

There is also lovely little Layla. I remember Layla as a puppy in our days as undergraduate student at Carson-Newman College. Even though Layla is now getting to be an older darling, she still acts like a puppy, giving lots of love, wagging her tail non-stop and she will also make quite a bit of noise if strangers come around the house. 

One of our local animal shelters, Young Williams Animal Center has a 100k challenge this year to find homes for 100 thousand animals. I am soooo tempted and now have another reason for adopting a dog  filed away. However, if I bring home a new family member, I'm afraid the cats would move on from leaving cat hair everywhere to scratching all fabric inside the house to shreds. Let's face it, that might be worse than a break-in.

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