On the September book shelf

Tuesday, 4 September 2012
Guilty pleasure read: "Amy My Daughter" by Mitch Winehouse. If you are an Amy Winehouse fan or just had a hard time looking away from the train wreck the end of her life became, you'll love this book. However, poor Mr. Winehouse just cannot get past Blake. He believes that all of Amy's demise happened because of her ex. He just won't accept that Amy chose a destructive life style and even after dozens of rehab attempts, she would not or could not let go of hard drugs.

"The Craft of Research" by Wayne Booth, Gregory Colomb and Joseph Williams. This is not for a class assignment but was recommended by Dr. Greg Button to our Ethnography class. This book is a must for green (read: ignorant), young scholars. I've already learned about role of researcher, connecting with the reader, knowing the audience and now we're on to planning projects. Even though I have a year of research experience under my belt, this book is easy to understand and gives a great blueprint for successful articles.

"The Chicken Chronicles" by Alice Walker. I listened to this on the drive back from Columbus this weekend. The memoir is about more than just the author's love for her chickens. She takes the reader through a journey of awareness when it comes to nature, renewal and death. This is an encouraging book and pretty funny.

What are your recommendations for the fall? (Not that I have time for leisure reading but I can make a list for later!)

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