Temps are Falling

Wednesday, 26 September 2012
I hope you had a wonderful summer full of lasting memories, sunshine, laughter and fresh produce (my tomatoes didn't do too well this year but those that did ripen were delicious!). While I adore summer for muggy nights at the lake and fireflies that dance on dusk, fall and spring are my favorite seasons. To me, heaven is mid-70s and sunny. We are in that lovely period right now in Knoxville and the leaves have begun to change. Since my brain is tightly wrapped up in two qualitative content analysis research studies, I have to make this blog post fairly simple.

Why Fall is Beautiful to Me:

Crisp mornings that get the heart going in the race to pull on a sweater and brew a hot cuppa

Texas chili simmering in the slow cooker with sweet, moist corn bread for dinner

Collective energy of a community that rallies behind a college or NFL team

Promise of rest for nature and people during the quiet winter

Brilliant colors from the sacrifice of many trees

The smell of smoke from chimneys as the sun sets, casting purple shadows over another year

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