Former Journalist Interviewing Journalists

Thursday, 25 October 2012
Data collection for my study on journalist preparation and training is going even better than expected. I cannot believe how lucky I am to talk with some big name folks who are experienced, wise and super friendly. Isn't it funny how we think "famous" people aren't approachable when really, they have to have some people skills to become so successful. A sharp professional is usually well-liked by their peers.

Since I'm a highly private person (yeah, right), I just hate sharing my business (collective laugh here) but I REALLLY wish I could blog about what I'm learning from the journalists that are interviewing with me. Eventually their experiences will be recorded in a (hopefully published) academic report but I won't be using their names. Bummer. I'd like for you to support their work as I do.

My absolute love of the long-interview method is contrasted with a hate for transcription. It takes hours and hours and hours of listening to recordings and typing out words and nuances to get the data down. This is a super busy time for me but at least I can look out the window at bright, beautiful trees in fall colors here in lovely East Tennessee while I work. Our local meteorologist Matt Hinkin says the leaves will only last for another week so please enjoy!

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