New York, New York

Friday, 19 October 2012
Me? I've been pretty happy this week. Sadly though, I haven't had a chance to blog about things because I've been super busy with research, classes and teaching class. I also have to take care of things around the house. Please forgive me for my laziness in posting.

New York City was beyond fabulous. I was able to conduct the journalist combat training research I was hoping to capture (wish I could blog about it but that's against research ethics) and will be following up with experienced, award-winning, powerful journalists in the next few weeks. Their insight is invaluable to my studies.

After the training I met up with James in Midtown. We had so much fun going to the Met, walking through Central Park and touring the Morgan Library. I can't wait to return to the Morgan Library and secure an appointment in the reading room. There are hundreds of original texts and books on topics important to the academic types. I don't know if there are volumes that will be useful to my paradigmatic perspective but I hope so!

Three floors of books in the Morgan Library. The tapestry is from the 1600s. 

I have always had a culturally inspired dream to walk through Central Park in New York City holding hands with someone special. Movies, television shows and commercials promote this idea of romanticism but alas - it works. This weekend I scored! James and I walked from the Met through Central Park to 59th and occasionally held hands (don't tell him I mentioned it). The sun was shining. The crazy people of the city were running up in the park with their dogs and tourists were paying too much money to sit with family members in a carriage being pulled by horses. People were happy!

We spent time in Grand Central Station and shopped at Levi's and an upscale endeavor by J. Crew called the Liquor Store, J.Crew. It was super cool but hey(!) no women's clothing...

I haven't even begun to discuss the fabulous food we ran into in the city (I researched restaurants for weeks) but that will come later. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend! Much love to you and yours.

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