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Tuesday, 9 October 2012
I haven't been to NYC in quite some time and I'm excited to head that way this week. After many emails to organizers and supervisors of a journalist combat training program, I was accepted as a researcher to observe the training and talk with trainers and journalists. This new program hasn't been the subject of research before and I'm interested in studying journalists' experiences.

I've been working with the brilliant Dr. Michelle Violanti, Dr. Gregory Button and Dr. Eric Haley (some of my professors at UTK, all of them are brilliant) in order to prepare for this assignment and correctly conduct observation. The findings will be used for a class project and lead to a larger project (dissertation). I'm actually pretty nervous which I know you'll think is silly but I've never done this kind of thing before! Wish me luck - and of course I'll post on my experiences, although I can't share details of the training or participants.

To sweeten the deal, James is meeting me there for the weekend (after the three day training is complete) and we already have reservations for brunch at Balthazar, dinner at The National and at Megu. NYC cuisine is so exciting!

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