An Update

Tuesday, 6 November 2012
My lack of blogging is pathetic. I admit it. This PhD thing is getting in the way of my life. Ha! Seriously, I think my friends are considering moving on with their lives without me because I stay home all of the time doing homework. I've said it before, I'll say it again - had I know this adventure would be so difficult and this time consuming, I may have thought twice but here we are half way through the pain and suffering (I kid - kind of) so I vow to keep going.

How about a little update on my mundane existence (you likely don't care but my grandmother faithfully reads my blog and she likes new information...)?

1. I've redecorated my living room in lighter colors after refinishing my fireplace. My drapes are now ivory silk panels and the entire space is brighter. This makes me happy and I do most of my studying now from the comfort of my living room rather than my bedroom. Having an office in bed is not all its cracked up to be... bed sores and all...

Along the home improvement lines, I painted my front door red and replaced the welcome mat. I also scrubbed down the awning and repainted that white. I was up and down on a ladder and got pretty scared of falling. Me, scared!? This does not happen... aging has annoying psychological effects.

2. My learning curve this semester is through the roof. I'm working on four different research studies (only one is for class) and my confidence level is climbing. Successful academic writing is still something I'm striving for (currently still out of reach) but I'm getting closer.

3. I've been seeing an amazing guy from Ohio (Yes, the long distance relationships seem to be my thing. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that no man can stand to be around me 24/7... Lol.) and we are traveling to Singapore and Japan together at the end of the month. I'm presenting at the JMComm 2012 conference in Singapore and I cannot wait to go to Tokyo and Kyoto for fun.

4. The cats are still alive. Lily has become a fierce hunter. Even though she is only 8 pounds she manages to bring squirrels, chipmunks, moles and mice to the back door after being out for just an hour or so. One night when it was quite warm I left the back door open. I heard her meowing (that's what she does when she carries her toy mice in her mouth) and she walked into the living room with a REAL mouse. That was bad enough but when she put it down... it was still ALIVE. 

After calling my brother for moral support, I went on an indoor safari to see if I could find the mouse. It was hiding in the corner under my dresser. The poor thing was tiny (must have been a baby). I put on long leather gloves and counted to three about five times. I finally grabbed for it but of course it ran and Violet corned it in the hall way. Lily was banished outside at the time and Violet just sniffed the poor thing not knowing what to do. Counting to three again... I grabbed for it. It ran up the wall and I caught it. Bravely I took the little beast outside and let it go. My status as bad a$$ truly increased that evening. :)

5. I'm looking forward to the holiday season. This is my second year in academia around Thanksgiving and Christmas and I'll be able to head to Ohio and spend time with my mom, dad and brother. I didn't realize it then but as a reporter who had to work holidays for a decade or more, this time of year was depressing. We all dealt with the lack of celebration and family with a "We don't care" attitude but we really did care. Now, I can enjoy thoughts of waking up in my parents' home, cooking, eating good food and celebrating love, peace and hope together.

6. I've been using my Kitchen Aid mixer more (for the reason refer to #3) and more. I've tried three new dessert recipes this month: Nutella peanut butter cookies, classic chocolate chip cookies and cupcake brownies with peanut butter filling. Baking is fun and relaxing. There's also such a sense of pride when I pull out my BMW of mixers... if you have a Kitchen Aid you feel me on this one.

That's what's new with me... your turn!


LizP said...

I love your updates! And I love my Kitchen Aid too! :-)

Denae said...

LizP - thanks for reading! You are one of my baking/cooking idols. :) Miss you.

Teri's Blog said...

My Kitchen Aid mixer rocks! Cobalt blue, 475 watt motor, 6 quart bowl! I really miss it.