Thanksgiving: The Menu

Friday, 16 November 2012
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I enjoy the holidays because I loooove to eat (you wouldn't know it from looking at me... bahahahaaa). The Chew on ABC (fabulous day time cooking show) is discussing Thanksgiving menu traditions all week so I thought I'd share ours. I'm always fascinated with what people serve for special occasions, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nothing wrong with going out to eat or ordering in either. A tradition is fun either way!

We traditionally have:

A relish tray (raw veggies, pickles, olives, pickled okra and ranch dip)
Fresh green beans (cooked with red onion and bacon)
Dressing with oysters (excellent taste - use chicken stock instead of water for moisture)
Roast turkey (Easy, cooked in a roasting bag - no basting needed, my mom says the Butterball brand for the bird is essential)
Sweet potato casserole (we use brown sugar, pecans, cinnamon, butter... no marshmallows - this dish is my FAVORITE)
Mashed potatoes (never from a box, add milk and butter while hot, then mash, no lumps)
Gravy (mom makes this herself from turkey dressings - Omg so good)
Cranberries (super easy, fresh recipe that is AMAZING, can even be used as a thick jam - grandma shared the recipe years ago and we now always make it... say NO to canned cranberry sauce)
Hot rolls (we use the frozen balls that rise on the stove, then bake for 12 minutes)

For dessert:

Mom is an amazing pie maker. She always makes her crust from scratch and does gorgeous pumpkin AND pecan pies. We like one of each and might eat a slice for breakfast if no one is looking. :) We add whipped cream, of course.

Each year we do something a little differently just to have some fun and mix it up. This year, mom has a pumpkin martini recipe that we'll try over the holiday weekend and I noticed a couple of different ideas on the Rachael Ray show to try. We're going to add shallots and chicken broth to our fresh green beans and do a homemade spin on our whipped cream. To try: beat heavy whipping cream, when whipped: add cinnamon, freshly ground nutmeg, vanilla and bourbon (omit bourbon if you don't want the alcohol).

What do you have on the menu??


LizP said...

Would you be willing to share your grandma's cranberry sauce/jam recipe??? Please :-)

Perri said...

We always have spinach cups (frozen spinach, butter/margine, cream cheese - baked in pastry shells). Yum. And, my mom always makes a brie and cranberry app. My mouth is watering!

Denae said...

Hi, LizP - I've sent it to you via FB. Hope you enjoy! Perri - oh my gosh the brie/cranberry app sounds amazing. I brake for brie!