Kyoto Morning Tour

Thursday, 13 December 2012
We took the bullet train to Kyoto from Tokyo and arrived in just two hours. Train travel is where it's at. No long security lines and quiet, calm passengers and attendants.

Instead of doing private tours like in Tokyo, we joined a JR group Sunrise Tour. The guide was fabulous and really knows his Japanese history. First, we visited Nijo Castle which was originally where a Shogun resided. We weren't allowed to take photos inside and had to remove shoes before going indoors. The entry halls are all made of wood and have metal springs under them so that the inhabitants could hear intruders. Very interesting.

We then went to the Golden Pavilion at the base of North Mountain in Kyoto. This is a Buddhist shrine and is made of wood and 200,000 sheets of gold leaf. The original shrine was burned by a "crazy" monk in 1950 but a new one was built as a replica. The gardens surrounding the site are original and more than 600 years old. 

After walking the path along the gardens, I stopped to have traditional powdered Japanese green tea and a "sweet" rice square in the tea garden. The sun was bright but the air was crisp this morning so the warmth from the tea was appreciated!

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AK said...

Denae, you fabulous globetrotter! So happy and proud of you. Thanks for sharing with us. I wish I had some more interesting things to say on my blog, but it's just the same old for now. Love you!