Sick in Singapore

Sunday, 2 December 2012
Our flight from Atlanta to Tokyo was going smoothly, until it wasn't. James surprised me with business class seats that were comfortable and roomy (he's amazing). I watched a couple of movies, worked on grading and a research paper and slept. At about hour 11, I started to feel queasy. That began a cycle of vomiting and other horrid symptoms that shall not be named here for the next 14 hours. I even had to call for a wheelchair (!!) to get me from the plane, through immigration, to baggage and to the car. I was too weak to walk and stand for very long plus I had to stop at the ladies room along the way. James was a trooper and just pretended like he didn't know me (kidding).

I've never been so sick.

Day one in Singapore had me laying in bed still feeling bad but happy to be in such a nice, clean, comfortable room. I still wasn't able to keep down even water but I managed to sleep some.

This morning I felt much better, showered, dressed and went to breakfast. Sadly though, after eating only tea, water, crackers and half of the white portion of a hard boiled egg, I was throwing up again.

The conference started today and I wasn't even able to go! I'm in a city that I'll probably never visit again and I'm down for the count! I haven't cried yet but was on the brink a few times.

James had pre-booked a city tour so he went out today and (God bless him) came back with Gatorade and more crackers. I'm trying to drink it slowly and I think it is helping. I WILL go to the conference tomorrow and present as scheduled...even if I have to crutch my way there with a Delta "sick" bag tied to my face and sit at every park bench along the way to rest. :)

In other news, can you believe it's December already??

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